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Deji Deji vol. 168 previews - HAWAII !
(Credit : @TABC_ek5672)

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Deji Deji vol. 168 preview

(Credit : @ayulove70)

Aaaw (●´□`)♡

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Alvin Goh : ” Ayumi Hamasaki by Alvin Goh. Creative Direction & Styled by me, photographed by Gan in LA. Custom-made mask by me.”

snowy kiss -Shohei Matsumoto remix- (short ver.) 

I LOVE the Shohei Matsumoto remix of snowy kiss, so just for fun I’ve made a kind of PV (it’s been a while that I haven’t play with Adobe premiere, so It’s really simple =D)

This is it ! the last concert of the PREMIUM SHOWCASE ~ Feel the love ~ in Yoyogi just ended! おつかれさまでした

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Alvin Goh : “One of my favorite look I designed for Ayumi Hamasaki “COLOURS” new album! Shot by Gan, Creative direction and styled by me. Outfit by my wonderful team Big & Small face ❤️”

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Alvin Goh : " Another look I designed for Ayumi Hamasaki’s new album "COLOURS". Shot entirely in LA by Gan, dressed in Burberry Prorsum"

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Oricon does not count international sales (per CDJapan)

Do you know what ? Foreign sales (CDJapan, Yesasia..) are no longer recognized in the Oricon ! I’M SO UPSET, how fans can support Ayu now?! They don’t want the foreigners buyers affect their ranking, but why they don’t make two rankings ? (one for Japan, one for Japan+overseas, it should be very interesting for everyone..)

So…I will buy Ayu’s stuff on mu-mo now…