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Ayumi Hamasaki @ a-nation Singapore Premium Showcase [A Song for XX]

 Ayu’s voice is truly amazing, I hope we will have a DVD of this show! ಥ_ಥ

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    If I really wanted to quit, I think I would have already done it. That’s my character… I’m still here. It means I just can’t picture a life without music.
— Ayumi Hamasaki at the a-nation Singapore press conference (via ayuvogue)

D-2 before PREMIUM SHOWCASE ~ Feel the love ~ DVD/Blu-ray ! 

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Another alternative instrumental arrangement of “Song 4 U” found in Tales of Xillia (thanks, Jaylee! Now finish Deadly Premonition!)

Ayu’s history with video game music goes all the way back to her fifth single, Depend on you, which was the theme song for Thousand Arms. What’s your favorite Ayu game song?

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Mezamashi TV  : a-nation Singapore preview

Love song is one of my favorite song of Ayu and probably one of her most amazing song in live 



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In the latest post on her blog, Ayumi write that the recording of her new winter ballad starts next week! A shooting (photo? Filming?) is also planned!

Japanese media have also talked about this first a-nation Singapore, and reveals some pics of the show!


ayumi hamasaki PREMIUM SHOWCASE ~Feel the love~”ステージ衣装Tシャツ TeamAyu限定販売!

The T-shirts worn by Ayu and her dancers on stage are now available in a limited edition for the TeamAyu members!





" Girl ☆ Girl ☆ Girl at Kudeta "